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Electronics and Telecommunication Department

Student Achievements

E & TC - Achievements

Achievement In IPR :: Patents And Copyrights

  1. Total 18 patents are filed by Faculty in the department
  2. Total 17 Patents are filed by Faculty alongwith students
  3. Total 29 patents are filed by students of E&Tc department
  4. Out of filed patents total 26 patents are published, 3 patents are processed against first examination report(FER)
  5. Total 35 Copyrights are registered in the E&Tc department

Achievement In Technical Events/Competition :

Students participation in different activities/events

Participation in International Robocon Competition

Students of PCCOE participate in International Robocon Competition organized by MIT Group of Institutions, Pune. This robotic contest is a great platform for the young engineers to showcase their talent in the field of robotics and also exchange technological know-how to improve further. The contribution of students in International Robocon Competition since last three years is mentioned in Table below:

Table: Details of International Robocon Competition

2018- 19

Sr. No. Student Name Class Description Achievement
01 Rohit Ranjane BE B ROBOCON 19 Doordarshan and IIT, Delhi, at, Nalanda Grounds, Noida, Delhi, on 16thJune,2019 Participated in IEEE SS12 PROJECT competition, PUNE Section To be participated Secured '1st' rank
02 Rutuja Chavan BE A
03 Radhika Mahajan BE A
04 Piyush Bobade SE A
05 Pranesh Nangare SE B
06 Aditya Nirmal SE B
07 Josephraj velpula SE A

2017- 18

Sr. No. Student Name Class Description Achievement
01 Mohsin Shaikh BE C ROBOCON 18 Doordarshan and MIT AOE, Alandi, at, Shiv ChhatrapatiKridaSankul, Balewadi, Pune, from 1 st to 3 rd March, 2018. Participation Ranked 13th from 110 teams
02 Aarti Bhandare BE B
03 Aditya Singh BE C
04 Rohit Ranjane TE B
05 Neeraj bhandari TE C
06 Rutuja Chavan TE A
07 Radhika Mahajan TE A
08 Sonali Sharma TE B
09 Abhijeet Mate SE C

2016- 17

Sr. No. Student Name Class Description Achievement
01 Shubham Bobade BE C ROBOCON 17 Doordarshan and MIT AOE, Alandi, at, Shiv Chhatrapati Krida Sankul, Balewadi, Pune, from 2nd to 4th March, 2017. Participation Ranked 16th from 105 teams
02 Nishat Wattamwar BE B
03 Anurag Verulker TE C
04 Kaustubh Chepe TE C
05 Moshin Shaikh TE C
06 Sufiyan Momin TE C
07 Tanmay Baviskar TE A
08 Radhika Mahajan SE A
09 Aarati bhandare TE B
10 Neeraj Bhandare SE C

2015- 16

Sr. No. Student Name Class Description Achievement
01 Shubham Bobade TE C ROBOCON 16 Doordarshan and MIT AOE, Alandi, at, Shiv Chhatrapati Krida Sankul, Balewadi, Pune, from 3 rd to 5 th March, 2016. Participation
02 Rahul Ranjan TE C
03 Nishant Wattamwar TE B
04 Sufiyan Momin SE C
05 Snehal Chavan SE
06 Shweta Jadhav SE
07 Anurag Verulkarr SE
08 Kaustubh Chepe SE
09 Saakshi Jagtap SE
10 Aditya Singh SE
11 Bharvavi Nekkanti SE
12 Neeraj Bhandare FE

Team Robocon

Table: Details of e-Yantra Robotic Competition

Sr. No. Name of Competitions class No of Students Participated No of Students Selected
1 e-Yantra Robotic competition TE (E&TC) 120 36
2 e-Yantra Ideas Competition BE (E&TC) 16 06
3 RoboVR TE (E&TC) 18 06
4 Avishkar TE (E&TC) 06 00
1 e-Yantra Robotic competition TE (E&TC) 116 36
2 e-Yantra Ideas Competition BE (E&TC) 16 00
3 RoboVR TE (E&TC) 15 03
1 e-Yantra Robotic competition TE (E&TC) 96 24
2 e-Yantra Ideas Competition BE (E&TC) 15 03

  • Team Pegasus has been selected in top 35 teams in Mitsubishi Electric Cup 2019, National level competition
    Project : Automatic warehouse packages Distribution System.
    Team Member : Aayush Naik (TE-A), Atharva Khutale (TE-A) ,Krishna Kadam (TE-A), Yuvraj Jadhav (TE-A)
    Faculty Guide : Mr. Ajjay Gaadhe

  • Students participated in Contest organised by Kalinga Institute of Industrial technology, Deemed to be University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
    Proceedings of 8th PIC (Project Innovation Contest) 2019, projects and innovations in distributed computing and internet technology

  • Project : Harvester Robot Recognition and plucking of fruits using LDR images using k-means and image processing algorithm
    Team Member : Ajinkya Doke (BE-A),Sumeet Dhabadkas (BE-A),Mahesh Bagul (BE-A)
    Faculty Guide : Mr. Ajjay Gaadhe

  • The team ARNA Selected in quarter final in top 30 projects out of 1200 teams after passing three rounds.
    Project : ARNA- The Smart River Cleaning Machine.
    Team Member : Kunal Kavishwar (TE-A) Sahil Palaskar (TE-B),Nishank Kolte (TE-A),Narendra Pandit (TE-B)
    Faculty Guide : Mr. Ajjay Gaadhe

Student Entrepreneurs

Name Of Students Name of Start-up Year Remark
Nilesh Komatwar TE -C DigitalNil 2018 Digital Marketing Certified
Provide digital marketing solutions,
Provide Training on digital marketing
Registered for Start-up
Shubham Chopade Atharva Kulkarni Yash Chavan BE -A AJNA 2019 Manufacturing of IoT based intrusion detection device
Provide 3D printer objects modules
Recognized as a Start-up
Avinash Dwivedi Alumni Engikart 2015 Provide Technical solutions on Embedded and VLSI
Training and Consultancy provider
Recognized as a Start-up in 2018

Proposals and other competition

  • Group Paradise selected in top 20 projects from all over India for National level project competition of Mitsubishi Electric Cup 3. Faculty Coordinator - Mr. U.R. Shirode Group Member
    1. Nisha Katke (TEA - 150)
    2. Shubham Sonigra (TE B)
    3. Kishore Uppalwar (TEB)
  • Proposal drafted by Shubham Chopade was selected by Indian Innovation Challenge Design contest 2017,IIM Bangalore on 19th oct.2017
  • Shubham Sonigra got selected for MITSUBISHI cup on 13th Oct. 2017
  • Akanksha Nikam got selected for Fellowship at IITM on 23rd oct.
  • Garima Mishra got selected for KPIT SPARKLE
  • Kashaf Shaikh and Sona Thakur were Winners for Debatus held on15th Sept 2017.

Winners Of Project Competition

Name of the Student Project Title Guide Result
Niranjan Mishra IOT based authorization and identification device for attendance monitoring. Mrs. D.S.Khurge 1st Prize
Aditi Singh
Singh Anushka Autonomous Vehicle Model using Machine Learning - 1st Prize
Sinha Adarsh
Chindage Purva Prakash
Kulkarni Shreya Sunil Genetic Algorithm for Video Error Concealment using Raspberry Pi Mrs. Rajani P. K 2nd Prize
Karhadkar Madhuri Prasad
Kulkarni Aishwarya
Gandhi Raj Shirish Compact Pulp and Paper Making Machine Mrs. S. U. Deoghare 2nd Prize
Jagtap Saakshi Santosh
Iyer Vijendran Hariharan

Students Achievements in Sports

  • Hetarth Choksi is declared as Best Player Of The Year 2017-18.
  • Eight students participated in Singhagad Karandak stage play.
  • Hetarth Chokshi - Selected for national Football team of India and will represent India in ASIA CUP and World Cup in Russia.
  • Vedant Katti - Table Tennis player in intercollegiate Tournaments and represented Pune District Zone for Inter-Zonal Competition organized at Garware College.
  • Yash Patil and Chetan Sakunde - Runner up in Singhagad Karandak and University football matches of PCCOE team.
  • The girls Basketball team won the interdepartmental tournaments held at PCCoE.
  • The girls Cricket team won consecutively for the third time at interdepartmental tournaments held at PCCoE.

Hetarth Choksi has following achivements on his name:

  • Selected in SPPU team for West Zone Inter University Competition in year 2017-18.
  • Selected in Indian FUTSUL Team for International Competition.
  • Played inter zonal competition & represented Pune District Sports Zone.
  • Member of PCCOE Football team from since 4 years and had been winner in different Inter Engineering Competitions around Pune District & Outside Pune District which includes:
    • Winners of the Onyk Football Tournament 2017 hosted by MIT, Alandi.
    • Winners of the PACE Football Tournament 2017 hosted by Army Institute of Technology, Pune.
    • Winners of the Sinhgad Karandak Football Tournament 2015 hosted by SIT, Lonavala.
    • Runner’s Up of the Reliance Youth Sports College Football 2017, initiated by Mr Mukesh Ambani.
  • Hetarth Choksi and Chetan Sakunde were selected in SPPU Football Team for West Zone
  • Aayesha was selected in SPPU Hockey Team for West Zone Inter University & All India Inter University Competition in year 2017-18.

Student Achievements in Extra Curricular

  • Atharva Thakare from BE E&TC won Firodiya Karandak Special jury award Best Actor 2018 in Firodiya Karandak 2018.
  • Atharva Thakare from BE E&TC won Best Actor and Best Director award 2018 in Gadkari Karandak 2018.
  • Chanakya Tendulakar from SE E&TC, Shraddha Tillo and Vedant Selmolkar from BE E&TC got Best Music team award in Gadkari Karandak 2018.
  • Renuka Yugaonkar, Vaibhav Ingale and Abhishek Bildikar from BE E&TC got Nepathya Dwitiya Award in Gadkari Karandak 2018.
  • Shweta Kayangude from SE E&TC won consolation prize for singing in Firodiya Karandak 2018.
  • Aditya Joshi from BE E&TC won consolation prize for acting in two state level Ekankika competition 2018.

List of students received the scholarship

Following is the list of students who received the scholarship from Lila Poonawalla/ Cummins / Persistent.

Sr.No. Name of Student Class (Branch) Name of agency Amount
1 Nikita Shete SE(E & TC) Lila Poonawalla Foundation 40000
2 Monali Raut SE(E & TC) Lila Poonawalla Foundation 40000
3 Nikita Solunke SE(E & TC) Lila Poonawalla Foundation 40000
4 Neha Jagtap SE(E & TC) Lila Poonawalla Foundation 60000
5 Sonali Shere SE(E & TC) Lila Poonawalla Foundation 40000
6 Snehal Gunaware SE(E & TC) Lila Poonawalla Foundation 40000
7 Swarali Kale SE(E & TC) Lila Poonawalla Foundation 40000
8 Sonali Khandagale SE(E & TC) Lila Poonawalla Foundation 40000
9 Bhagyashree Kale TE(E & TC) Cummins Scholarship Fee reimbursement
10 Sonali Mohite TE(E & TC) Cummins Scholarship -

Distinguished Extra Curricular Activities

  • Pradnya Gadahire & Shubhangi Jadhav won 2nd prize, with cash prize of 3000 & Trophy in Poster Compeition at MIT Art ,Design andTechnology University, Pune.
  • Kabir Sukhani, student of B.E E&TC was selected for National Level inter-college debate competition "Speak for India - Maharashtra Edition 2016".
  • Adarsh Sinha student of TE E&TC won third position for his project titled "Voice Controlled Home Automation System" in IOT track of Ideate competition at IIT Bombay Techfest. This competition was sponsored by L&T electrical and automation. A panel of 15 esteemed judges form industry (L&T, TCS, etc) and IIT Bombay faculty judged the project.
  • The following girl students from second year have received Lila Poonawala scholarship:
    • Archana Wable- Rs.50,000/-
    • Purva Chingade - Rs.50,000/-
    • Prajal Takalkar -Rs 40,000/-
    • Meenal Murkute -Rs 40,000/-
    • Pooja Jadhav -Rs 40,000/-
    • Ashwini Saste -Rs 50,000/-
  • Pratiksha Thorat- Received Cummins India Scholarship in terms of yearly College fees , Rs 3000 yearly for books and 1 laptop by Dell.
  • Short film "Kaalyatram" was selected at 10th position in International Short Film festival.
  • Shubham Shevade directed a Music Video as a "Sci-Fi Tribute" to the greatest director of all time Stanley Kubrick .This music video was shot using a mobile phone and is selected in 5th Pune Short Film Festival 2015.
  • Short film "Multiples of Unknows" directed by Shubham Shevade is selected for International Short Film festival at Goa.
  • PCCoE Art Circle participated in the 51st Purushottam Karandak 2015 to present the one act play based on social issue "Trustbin" Written by Namrata More (TE E&TC).
  • Six students from the department participated in Awareness Act conducted under Bharat Sarkar Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, Pune.

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